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Samsung Fire fell short of its six-game winning streak.

Samsung Fire, coached by Kim Sang-woo, lost to OK Financial Group 2-3 (27-25, 16-25, 14-25, 25-21, 16-18) in the fourth round of the Dodram 2023-24 V-League Men’s Division at Ansan Sangroksu Gymnasium on February 2.

Samsung Fire had previously won 11 straight matches from October 25 to December 2 in the 2017-18 season. They attempted to win six in a row for the first time since that time, but were unable to do so. They have not won since a victory over Ansan on March 5, 2019. They suffered from the Ansan jinx with a 12-game losing streak, and the loss was their 13th straight away from Ansan.

Yosvani Hernandez (real name Yosvani) led the way with 38 points and Shin Shin-ho with 11, but another trio, Kim Jung-ho, was disappointing with eight points. The team had 33 turnovers, 17 more than their opponents.
They gave up 47 points (2 blocks and 4 serves) to their main man Leonardo Leyva Martinez (registered name Leo).

After the match, coach Kim Sang-woo said, “Leo played well. He and Yosubani have the same nationality, so there will be a sense of rivalry.” “Still, I thought it could have been easy, but I think I did well to take it to five sets. I’m happy to have gotten at least one point.”

“After the third set, I told the players, ‘We can’t come out like this. Let’s be aggressive. Don’t be scared,'” he said. They served well and played well,” he said.

Once again, one middle blocker was the problem. Kim Jun-woo scored 10 points, but it was a mismatch. Jargalchukt Enghereden (real name Eddie) started, but he was replaced midway through the second set after scoring two points. Jeon Jin-sun, Son Tae-hoon, and Yang Hee-joon then came on, but they only managed to score one point.

Coach Kim said, “Jin-sun wasn’t feeling well. I couldn’t find anything to fill in. It’s difficult,” he said, adding, “Rookie (Yang) Su-hyun also needs time. In my heart, I want to keep playing rookies, but I think we have to wait a little longer.”

Samsung Fire will play Hyundai Capital at Daejeon Chungmu Gymnasium on April 7.


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