Its We lost 0-8 to Georgia’ Thailand Coach & Ace Confidence

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“It’s worth a try.” This is the attitude toward the match against China in the Thai soccer world. 

The coach and the ace unanimously pledged to win the ‘home’ game against China. 바카라사이트닷컴

Thailand will play its home game against China in the first match of Group C of the 2026 FIFA World Cup Asia region second qualifying round at Rajamangala Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand on the 16th (Korean time).

Group C included top seed Korea, 2nd seed China, and 3rd seed Thailand, followed by Singapore, which defeated Guam in the playoffs. 

Rajamangala Stadium is the largest stadium in Thailand. 

In order to advance to the third qualifying round of the World Cup

Thailand has set the most important match against China as the home match and is preparing for the first match at Rajamangala Stadium, their soccer mecca.

Surprisingly, China’s performance against Thailand is not good. From losing 1-5 at home to Thailand’s second-tier team in 2013, they lost 0-1 again at home in 2019. 

In particular, the defeat in 2013 led to the resignation of then-Chinese national team coach Jose Antonio Camacho.

Thailand is making thorough preparations for a confrontation with China. 

Last October, in the A match, FIFA rankings similar to China’s were held against Georgia (0-8 loss) and Estonia (1-1 draw). 

However, due to the defeat against Georgia, there has been a negative public opinion towards the national team in the Thai soccer world.

Thailand coach Paul King, who is playing in the guillotine match, expressed confidence in the match against China. 

The Thai soccer world, which has surpassed Vietnam

where coach Park Hang-seo left, and reigns as the number one power in Southeast Asia

is showing inner confidence that it will not be defeated in the recent match against China. 

In fact, in the recent A match, we are sparring with an opponent of a similar level to China.

Both Thailand and China appear to be focusing on the fight for second place, excluding Korea

so there is a high possibility that they will bet everything on the outcome of the match. 

At a press conference held ahead of the game against China, Coach King said, “I analyzed China intensively with the coaching staff.

They are a strong team and it is a difficult game.

But we deserve to win at home.”

The same was true for Thailand’s ace Chanatip Songkrasin, who took the field with Coach King. 

He emphasized, “We have to win both of the upcoming international matches,” and added, “If we win just this game, fans will watch soccer again.

Even though China has a high FIFA ranking, if we play well, we can easily win.”

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