2nd all-time in the league behind Kwangju University’s 126 points and Korea University’s 127 points

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Kwangju University broke the record for most points scored by a women’s collegiate team. If you include the men’s division, it’s the second-most points in KU history behind Korea University’s 127.

Kwangju University won by 89 points in a 126-37 home victory over Gwangju Women’s University on Nov. 4 at Gwangju University Gymnasium.

The game was originally scheduled to be played at Gwangju Women’s College, but was moved to 카지노사이트 Gwangju University.

KU had previously defeated Gwangju Women’s College 107-40 on March 28 in their last meeting.

Last year’s champions, Gwangju University, which has a stronger roster this year, is clearly outclassed by Gwangju Women’s College, which is in its first year of play.

KU’s 107 points was the first 100+ point game in the women’s college division.

KU went one step further and scored 126 points that day.

126 points is a rare feat even in the men’s college division.

The most points scored in a single game in the men’s college division is 127 (Hanyang University 86), scored by Korea University on May 28, 2015 against Hanyang University. The second place is 120 points scored by Chung-Ang University on three occasions.

In other words, Kwangju University’s 126 points are the second most in a single game for both men and women.

The 89-point gap is the largest in the men’s college division.

The previous record was 72 points (114-42) by Yonsei University against Chosun University on September 9, 2019.

In the women’s college division this year, the top four teams – Busan National University, Pusan National University, Suwon National University, and Dankook University – and the bottom three teams – Gangwon National University, Gwangju Women’s University, and Ulsan National University – have a large gap in power. Because of this, there are often 50+ point games.

Also, if a team does not perform well against a weaker team, they tend to struggle when they face a stronger opponent, so they push harder.

In addition, Gwangju University and Gwangju Women’s University could be regional rivals vying to qualify for the National Games. Gwangju University is more committed to making sure that they dominate their opponents.

Gwangju University is second behind Pusan National University (7 wins) with 6 wins and 1 loss, while Gwangju Women’s University is sixth with 1 win and 6 losses.

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