A sudden farewell to the save king

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Go Woo-seok, the “guardian spirit” of the LG Twins, has left for the San Diego Padres. It was a rather small contract of $4.5 million for two years, but it was a significant deal considering the short promotional period.

He became the first player in LG’s history to go directly to the major leagues. Not only did LG win a championship for the first time in 29 years, but they also had the pride of producing their first major league player.

But the worry of a second consecutive Korean Series loss has grown, and with no immediate closers, the team will have to find one for the 2024 season. LG manager Yoon Kyung-yeop identified Yoo Young-chan, who performed well in the middle of the order last year, as a candidate for the new closer.

LG, which lost its main first baseman, Chae Eun-sung, and main catcher, Yoo Kang-nam, to free agency after the 2022 season, has lost its best closer to the major leagues. In Go Woo-seok’s case, it came out of nowhere, and the team hadn’t even thought about developing a successor.

Now, we need to prepare for the following. 바카라사이트 There is another LG player who is looking to go overseas. It’s Jeong Woo-young, a hard-hitting side-arm pitcher. It’s not long now. I’ll post about it after next season.

Jung joined the team in 2019.

He played full-time in his first year. He appeared in 56 games and won the rookie championship with a 4-6 record, one save, and 16 saves. It was the first LG Rookie of the Year in 22 years since Lee Byung-gyu in 1997.

It was a solid year. He went 4-4 with 5 saves and 20 holds in 2020, 7-3 with 2 saves and 27 holds in 2021, and 2-3 with 35 holds in 2022, breaking the 30-hold mark for the first time.

Last year, I struggled. He made changes to improve and went through trial and error. Chung’s weaknesses are quick motion and monotonous pitches. His quickness with runners on base led to a lot of stolen bases. In 2022, he won the hold award, but he allowed 29 stolen bases and only one caught. His stolen base rate was a whopping 96.7%. Add to that five years of virtually one-pitch pitches, mostly two-seamers, and hitters have gotten used to it. It’s a fastball that travels over 150 kilometers, but hitters who know the trajectory are starting to get it right.

As Jung began to make quick-motion adjustments, he started adding curves to his two-seam.

He made the adjustments all at once, which led to trial and error and a slump. As his speed dropped below 150 km/h, his advantage seemed to disappear, but he kept trying. He tried to find a quick motion that worked for him.

In 60 regular-season appearances, he posted a 5-6 record with 11 holds. It was the fewest holds of his career. His 4.70 ERA was also his worst.

Still, he helped South Korea win a gold medal at the Asian Games and pitched 1 1/3 innings of two-hit relief in Game 2 of the Korean Series, which was considered the most important game of the tournament.

He’s a rare sidearm pitcher in the major leagues, with a fastball that tops out at 157 mph and has good movement. He has the ability to get through an inning with his medium delivery. If he can improve his strikeout rate and quickness, he could be a major league pitcher.

Depending on how much he improves this year and next season, he could become another LG major leaguer. With Go Woo-seok making it to the majors as a post, it’s likely that Jung Woo-young will aim to make it to the majors as a post after next season. 메이저사이트 LG will need to start preparing for his arrival.

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