First win…but experts say “Klinsmann lacks tactical detail”

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Klinsmann’s men got their first win in six games, but experts say they’re not ready to give him a “passing grade.

The South Korean national soccer team, led by head coach Jürgen Klinsmann (GER), held off a 32nd-minute goal from Cho Kyu-sung (Mittwillan) to win 1-0 in an exhibition match against Saudi Arabia at St. James’ Park in Newcastle, England, on Sept. 13 (KST).

Klinsmann, who has not won a game in five trials since taking charge of the South Korean national team in February and has been criticized for his handling of the “foreign oil and business controversy,” took the opportunity to turn things around with the victory.

Experts were positive about the fact that it was a hard-fought ‘first win’.

Commentator Park Moon-sung said, “Unlike the Wales game, where the side resources were concentrated in the center, Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton) on the left and Lee Jae-sung (Mainz) on the right split wide, giving Son Heung-min and other strikers more space to play. Hwang In-beom (Zvezda), who looked heavier in Wales due to the effects of his late transfer, was lighter today,” he said, praising the players for earning their first win in a crunch situation.

Han Jun-hee, a commentator who is also the vice president of the Korea Football Association, praised the team’s dynamic play in the first half, saying, “It’s a positive thing that the team was able to get out of the crisis by making dynamic moves throughout the first half, and that the link-up play of Lee Jae-sung, Hwang In-beom, and Cho Kyu-sung, centered on Son Heung-min, finally came out.”

However, it is difficult to give the team a passing grade in terms of overall performance.

Saudi Arabia is ranked 54th in the FIFA rankings, 26 spots below South Korea (28th).

Despite the appointment of Roberto Mancini as the new head coach, the team had lost five straight games before the match.

“It seems like Klinsmann is trying to play a lot of attacking numbers and play straightforward football (rather than build-ups), targeting the opponent’s danger zone,” Park said, noting that the team’s tactical colors have become a bit clearer after playing “colorless and odorless football” until the Wales game.

However, he added: “There was a lack of patterned play, promised movement (rather than relying on individual skill). The details of the tactics were still lacking.”

“I could see that they were using a 4-4-1-1 formation (with Son Heung-min as a ‘freeroll’), but I couldn’t see the details of the movements,” said Kim Hwan. 바카라사이트 “The wide gap between the midfield and defense, the unclear position of the fullback, and the frequent passing mistakes were noticeable. The wide spacing between the players led to a lot of unnecessary passing.”

“There were mistakes in the buildup to the backline. The build-up system is not yet complete, and it depends a lot on Hwang In-beom’s physical condition,” while another pointed out that “some disorder in the defense needs to be improved.”

The aging stamina of the main players was also mentioned as a reason for the frequent passing mistakes and dangerous scenes towards the end of the second half.

Park said, “We have players who are around 30 years old, but there were too many players who couldn’t play at the end. If we want to be ready for the North and Central American World Cup in three years, it’s time to think about changing the generation.”

In the end, the consensus among the experts was that there is still a long way to go.

“It was just a ‘sigh of relief,'” Park said. There are still problems with the game content and tactical direction. If you look at whether the fans’ thirst and irritability have been quenched, it seems difficult to evaluate positively.”

Kim said, “The fans’ interest in watching football has increased a lot since the previous coach, Paulo Bento, perfected the tactical colors.” “Klinsmann and the coaching staff should seriously consider the future direction.”

One member added: “While the outburst may have been tempered somewhat by the win over Saudi Arabia, Klinsmann must continue to be careful with his language going forward. It’s likely that the American public will be watching closely.” 카지노사이트

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