Heo Woong’s ex sues for money, stalking, and drugs?

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The circumstances that led professional basketball player Heo Woong (KCC) to sue his ex-girlfriend have been revealed.

On the 26th, Heo filed a complaint with the Seoul Gangnam Police Station through his legal representative, accusing his ex-girlfriend, A, of attempted extortion, intimidation, violation of the Punishment of Stalking Crimes Act, and violation of the Narcotics Control Act.

On the same day, a legal representative delivered an official statement regarding the complaint.

Heo Woong’s lawyers said, “Just because he is a famous sports player, the perpetrators demanded hundreds of millions of won in damages by threatening to expose private conversations and affairs with him to the media, Instagram, YouTube, the victim’s club, basketball galleries, and others.”

Heo met A in 2018 through a mutual acquaintance and became romantically involved, but the couple broke up in December 2021 due to personality differences and opposition from both parents.

According to Heo’s lawyer, during the three-year relationship, A became pregnant twice. After learning of the first pregnancy, He Wong said he would be responsible for the child with A, but A wanted to have a child after marriage and had an abortion.

In May 2021, He Wong learned of A’s second pregnancy. This time, he asked for her understanding, saying that marriage came first.

Heo Woong’s lawyer claims that A suddenly changed her demeanor and threatened Heo Woong with messages such as, “I want to die in front of you.”

“He demanded 300 million won from the victim, who is a famous athlete, and threatened to expose the victim’s private life through the media, Instagram, YouTube, the complainant’s club, and basketball galleries if he did not fulfill his demands,” the lawyer said.

Heo explained that he felt responsible for A, but that he broke up with her due to blackmail and threats, male dominance, self-harming behavior, violence, broken trust, and opposition from both parents.

Heoong said that since the breakup, Ms. A had self-harmed in front of Heoong and stalked him. They also claimed that Ms. A confessed to Heo Woong that she had taken ketamine, and that she had also taken drugs with the late Lee Sun-gyun, Kim, Hwang Hana, and others.

“We have requested the investigative agency to conduct a swift and diligent investigation into this complaint to prevent a second Lee Seon-gyun situation from occurring,” the legal representative said.

Heo is the son of Heo Jae, who was once known as the “Basketball President. His younger brother Heo Hoon is also a professional basketball player.

Earlier, Heo Woong and Heo Hoon signed exclusive contracts with sports agency Key Player Agency (KPA) on the 1st. 카지노사이트

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