“I didn’t do anything wrong…”

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“I didn’t do anything wrong…”

That’s how the outside world looks at the Samsung Lions’ shocking coaching staff reshuffle.

Punishment is a principle of organizational management. Rewarding those who do well and punishing those who do wrong is the key to discipline. If you scold an organization that has done well, you risk destroying it.

On the fifth day of the Futures All-Star Game, the Samsung Lions issued an unusual press release in the evening.

The first and second team coaching staffs were reshuffled. Not a minor reshuffle, but a major one. The main coaches of the first and second teams switched positions.

In the first team, “Futures manager Jung Dae-hyun will become the first team manager and pitching coach, Tachibana 3rd team hitting coach will become the first team hitting coach to strengthen hitting, and Futures pitching coach Kang Young-sik and battery coach Chae Sang-byung will become the first team bullpen coach and battery coach. As for the Futures and Rehabilitation League, “Lee Byung-kyu will be the head coach of the Futures, Jung Min-tae will be the pitching coach of the Futures, Lee Jung-sik will be the battery coach of the Futures, and Kwon Oh-joon will be the bullpen coach of the Rehabilitation League. Main hitting coach Lee Jin-young will not be demoted to the Futures and will share the first team assistant hitting duties with Bae Young-seop.

Samsung’s rationale for the coaching staff reorganization was to “renew the team for the second half of the season.” ‘Renewal’ means ‘to shake off the wrong things, old things, and renew’. It shows that the team is not satisfied with its performance in the first half of the year and wants to make a bigger leap in the second half.

There are some things that stand out in the new appointments.

Samsung manager Park Jin-man demoted senior coach Lee Byung-kyu and pitching coach Jung Min-tae to the second team. Lee Jung-sik and Kwon Oh-joon are coaches who have worked hand-in-hand since Park’s arrival. 해외 카지노 사이트 This is a major loss of key coaches that the manager could consult with.

The reshuffle was driven by the club’s front office. Samsung coach Park Jin-man was involved in the final decision-making process, but he didn’t have a say in the matter. Park, who informed the coaching staff of the change at the club’s request, was extremely tight-lipped when asked about the move, saying only that it was to “refresh the atmosphere”.

It’s easy to see why this reshuffle has become a topic of intense concern for fans and other organizations alike.

It’s because it’s a major shakeup for a baseball team that’s doing well.

Heading into this season, few pundits had Samsung as a top-five contender. At best, they were a dark horse that could threaten the top five. There were quite a few people who wrote them off as a bottom-feeder. The bullpen, their biggest weakness, was bolstered last offseason through free agency, free agent retention, the second round of the draft, and the trade market, but it wasn’t a top-tier unit in terms of two-hitter balance. There was also a lot of uncertainty in a season where three of the top pitchers in recent years, including Buchanan, were replaced.

However, Samsung took the first and second teams to a camp in Okinawa, Japan, at the request of the club, to focus on potential young players and resurrected players. As a result, new faces such as Kim Young-woong, Lee Seung-hyun, Yoon Jung-bin, Lee Ho-sung, and Lee Ha-neul emerged, while players who had a brief hiatus last year, such as Lee Sung-kyu, Kim Heon-gon, and pitcher Kim Tae-hoon, returned to help.

The first half of the season was full of crises, but the team never collapsed.

The team briefly dropped to the bottom of the standings at the beginning of the season due to the poor performance of the outfield duo and the injury of Baek Jeong-hyun, but after April 20, the team remained at the top of the standings despite losing and winning back-to-back games. The bullpen faltered at the end of the first half, ending a five-game losing streak, but they are still in fourth place, just 1.5 games behind the second-place LG Twins.

Rather than rewarding a roster that has struggled through a string of injuries, the reorganization could be seen as a punishment. The unexpected changes have also been met with some agitation from the players.

It’s hard to say at this point how this major overhaul will affect Samsung’s hopes of a late-season comeback.

The baseball world’s attention is focused on Samsung to see if the team will regain its two-hit balance and break the losing streak, or if it will continue to slide downward amidst a chaotic dugout atmosphere.

The important thing to remember is that with every choice comes responsibility.

In the worst of times, coaching staff reshuffles are commonplace. This is because ‘lower is better’. When there is nowhere to go but down, the word “reshuffle” is appropriate. The outcome is also simple. It’s either stay or go up.

But Samsung is a top team with three teams above it and six below it. There’s up, but there’s also down. That’s why I’m not willing to take a scalpel to an organization that has been doing better than expected.

Samsung enters the second half of the season with an unexpected coaching staff shakeup. Where will it end up?

If the results are good, it’s all good. But if the results are bad, it’s all bad.

Worst of all, it’s clear that the front office that made this decision can’t escape blame.

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