It was a glove toss or not… Whatever, ‘circus defense’ of Hanwha’s 27-year-old center fielder

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It was a game that showed why Lee Do-yoon is the center fielder for Hanwha.

Hanwha infielder Lee Do-yoon (27) started at No. 9 shortstop against Changwon NC on the 16th and played a circus defense. There were strong defensive plays in the fifth and seventh innings. In fact, there was a bit of luck in the fifth inning. It was the bottom of the fifth inning with the score tied 1-1. Hanwha had failed to capitalize on a two-out, three-run opportunity earlier in the inning, and when NC’s leadoff hitter Do Tae-hoon reached on an error in the bottom of the fifth, Hanwha was in trouble.

But Ahn Jung-yeol responded to Hanwha starter Lee Tae-yang’s first pitch. It was a good pitch, and it looked like it was going to clear the center field. However, second baseman Moon Hyun-bin followed the ball all the way to the plate and caught it on the tip of his glove. The ball hit the glove and went out of bounds and into the glove of shortstop Lee Do-yoon.

Looking at the slow picture of the broadcasters, it was difficult to see that Moon Hyun-bin made an exquisite (?) glove toss, because the ball had to go exactly into the glove of Lee Do-yoon, and it went out of bounds without any force.

It’s just that Moon made a good throw and Lee made a good catch after the ball hit his glove. In fact, Lee’s positioning and timing at second base were exquisite. If Lee hadn’t gotten it, the game could have been different.

Even MBC Sports Plus commentator Park Jae-hong, who was broadcasting the game, laughed and said, “Lee Do-yoon has a sense.” With one out at second base, Lee threw to first base to complete the double play. It was a moment when the game that was about to go to the NC became tense again. Of course, Lee Tae-young said after the game, “I think it was a glove toss because Hyun Bin-i has a good sense of baseball.”

Lee Do-yoon’s big hit came in the seventh inning. Ha Ju-seok moved to shortstop and Lee Do-yoon moved to second base. After all, it is a ‘national rule’ that a player who changes his defensive position is batted directly to the plate. Kwon Hee-dong hit another strong pitch against Kim Bum-soo.

Lee quickly moved to second base and caught the ball, then turned and threw to first base for the out. It was the most challenging pitch for a second baseman. As soon as he got to second base, he played good defense and made the bullpen comfortable.

In fact, Lee Do-yoon is the kind of player that Choi Won-ho uses strictly on defense. Now that Ha Joo-seok is back in the lineup, Do-yoon Lee is a solid 바카라 defender at shortstop, but he’s also a good hitter. Through 61 games, he’s batting .284 with 48 hits in 169 at-bats, eight doubles, 19 RBIs, a .349 on-base percentage, a .331 slugging percentage, and a .680 OPS. It’s not spectacular, but it’s certainly impressive that Avery is over $2.08. At this point, he’s an unlikely “find of the year” for Hanwha.

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