Jeju hotel employee detained for raping Chinese tourist in her room

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A hotel receptionist in Jeju has been detained by police for the alleged sexual assault of a Chinese guest after gaining entry to her room with a master key, according to police on Tuesday.

The Jeju Seobu Police said the employee of a hotel in northern Jeju is being investigated for allegedly raping the guest in her 안전 room at around 4 a.m. on June 14, while she was highly intoxicated following a night out with other tourists.

She later told one of her travel companions what had happened to her. The companion reported it to police.

Police said security camera footage showed the employee entering the woman’s room shortly after she had been escorted back to the room by fellow Chinese travelers who left immediately thereafter.

The woman told police that she said she was too drunk to oppose the employee’s actions.

The employee reportedly claimed that he had received a call for room service before entering the room. He further claimed that he believed he was partaking in consensual sex with the woman.

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