K-League 2 Director Choi Yun-gyeom’s Suggestion

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Director Choi Yun-gyeom’s suggestion… “Let’s not use the current director as a member of the power strengthening committee”

Coach Choi Yun-gyeom of professional soccer team K-League 2 Cheongju, North Chungcheong Province,

proposed that the current head coach should not be included in the Korea Football Association’s national team strength strengthening committee.

Director Choi met with reporters ahead of the ‘Hana Bank K-League 2024 Opening Media Day’ held at the Seoul Grand Ballroom of The Plaza Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 26th and said,

“I think it is better not to use the club team manager as a member of the power reinforcement committee.” 카지노사이트위키

Coach Choi said that it would be much more efficient to appoint game supervisors or the Korea Professional Football League Technical Research Group (TSG) as members instead of current coaches.

He served as a committee member under former Power Strengthening Committee Chairman Michael Mueller.

The Strengthening Committee, including Coach Choi,

came together at the end of a meeting on the 15th and requested the Association to replace former national team coach Jurgen Klinsmann.

Coach Choi explained that it is difficult for the current coach to focus on the committee that supports the national team because he is responsible for the club team’s performance.

He said that rather than a coach, a leader from the professional soccer league TSG,

who examines the K-League extensively and writes technical reports himself,

will contribute more to strengthening the national team.

In particular, it was believed that TSG personnel would be of great help in power analysis if a foreign leader,

like former Coach Jurgen Klinsmann, was appointed who was evaluated as not carefully examining K-League resources.

Coach Choi confessed, “In fact, I am also a sinner in some respects when it comes to the national team and the Power Strengthening Committee.

That is why I have not been able to open my mouth easily until now.”

The Strength Enhancement Committee is an organization that is involved in the overall management of national teams at each level,

including the appointment, dismissal, and renewal of leaders for the men’s and women’s national teams and national teams for each age group 18 years or older.

Director Choi and other members, including former Chairman Müller,

left the Power Strengthening Committee with the dismissal of former Manager Klinsmann.

This is because the Football Association appointed Jeong Hae-seong,

chairman of the competition committee, as the new chairman of the power strengthening committee, and also replaced all members.

Gimpo FC coach Go Jeong-woon, Soongsil University coach Park Seong-bae,

commentator Park Joo-ho, former Gwangju FC head coach Song Myeong-won, Yoon Deok-yeo,

Sejong Sports Toto coach, Gangwon FC coach Yoon Jeong-hwan,

Mungyeong Sangmu coach Lee Mi-yeon, QMIT CEO Lee Sang-ki, Lee Young-jin, former Vietnam national team coach, Jeon Gyeong-jun, professional The head of the technical committee of the Football Federation was appointed as a new member.

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