‘Kim Ha-seong’s’ National Team Captain Officially Declares ML Challenge

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Kiwoom Heroes infielder Kim Hye-sung has officially announced his intention to challenge the Major League Baseball after the 2024 season ends.

After winning the second baseman category at the 2023 Magumagu RealGlade Awards held at the Grand Hyatt Seoul Grand Ballroom in Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul on January 1, Kim told reporters, “I’m going to challenge the major leagues. You can’t just challenge with words, so I’m going to develop my skills well and challenge with integrity.”

Kim Hye-sung has already expressed her intention to challenge the major leagues to the head of Kiwoom’s operations team. After meeting with manager Hong Won-ki on the 4th, she plans to discuss the major league challenge with manager Ko Hyung-wook soon.

Kim said, “I’m meeting with the manager next Monday, but I don’t know when I’ll meet with the general manager. I think the interview will be over within two weeks.”

When asked at the official press conference for his Gold Glove award at the Rivera Hotel in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, on March 20, 먹튀검증 Kim Ha-seong of the San Diego Padres did not hesitate to name Kim Hye-sung of Kiwoom.

“I think Kim Hae-sung will be the next candidate”

I watched the APBC (Asian Professional Baseball Championship) and I thought she was different from players her age,” he said. “I think she will be a better player than me if she grows up well. She is so sincere and has a great passion for baseball. I think Kim Hye-sung might be the next player to come to the major leagues, and she seems to have major league aspirations herself. I know she’ll be posting next year, but I want to see her play in the major leagues.”

Kim Hae-sung is the next major leaguer Kim Hae-sung became a professional player in 2017 with the 7th pick of the second round of the Nexen secondary draft after graduating from Dongsango. In his first-team career, Kim batted .877 with 26 home runs, 311 RBIs, 181 doubles and 501 runs scored in 826 games, and in his seventh year, he batted .335 with seven home runs, 57 RBIs and 25 doubles in 137 games, posting career-highs in both the World Baseball Classic (WBC) in March, the Hangzhou Asian Games in September and the APBC in November. He served as a captain at the Asian Games and APBC, both of which are age-group tournaments. Kim was also the first KBO player to win a Golden Glove, as a shortstop in 2021 and a second baseman in 2022.

“I have to prove what (Kim) Ha-seong said.

If he says that and I can’t go, then he’s lying,” she said, adding, “I plan to meet with the manager and exchange my thoughts and his thoughts. I heard that the club is positive, but I need to express my intentions well and have a good conversation.”

Kim Hye-sung cited his ability to run the bases as one of his strengths in the major leagues. “When I think about it, hitting and defense may need to be adapted, and it may change depending on the league, but I don’t think there is much of that with baserunning. 메이저사이트 That’s my biggest strength. I can do my job well on the basepaths, and in that sense, I can go out there and do well without adjusting. I’m also asking a lot of my brother Kim Ha-seong,” he explained.

But first, he’ll need to have a successful 2024 season to see if he can make it in the postseason. Keys

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