North Korea’s surprise provocation of cruise missiles in three days…observation of nuclear capability

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North Korea’s surprise provocation of cruise missiles in three days…observation of nuclear capability

North Korea launched another provocation today (22nd), three days after it fired a short-range ballistic missile.

Analysts say that North Korea, which made threats citing the U.S. strategic nuclear submarine’s visit to Korea, staged a surprise armed demonstration over the weekend to show off its nuclear attack capabilities.

North Korea launched another surprise armed provocation at dawn.

This time, we fired several cruise missiles.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said, “We have detected several cruise missiles launched by North Korea into the West Sea from around 4 a.m.,” adding, “Detailed specifications are being analyzed by South Korean and U.S. intelligence authorities.”

Earlier, North Korea launched two short-range ballistic missiles a day after the South Korea-U.S. nuclear consultation group NCG was publicly launched and the strategic nuclear submarine Kentucky visited Korea, and the day after the launch, it even announced a threat that the Kentucky ship’s Busan port “meets the conditions for using nuclear weapons.”

The cruise missile provocation, which took place amid this trend, is seen as an attempt to show off North Korea’s nuclear attack capabilities.

Already in March, North Korea fired two cruise missiles, Arrow-1 and 2, which it claimed could be equipped with tactical nuclear warheads.

<Joseon Central TV (March 24)> “The strategic cruise missile is equipped with a test combat unit simulating the nuclear combat unit…Applying the air explosion strike method at a set altitude of 600m, once again verifying the rhythm of the operation of the nuclear explosion controls and detonators…”

<Park Won-gon / Professor of North Korean Studies at Ewha Womans University> “This cruise missile is known to be capable of carrying a miniaturized nuclear warhead called ‘Volcano-31’ shown last time, so they are trying to regain control by showing that they have nuclear attack capabilities…”

The Joint Chiefs of Staff said, “While monitoring and vigilance have been strengthened, we are maintaining full readiness through close cooperation between South Korea and the United States.”


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