On the 30th, A Professional Basketball KCC

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KCC Choi Hyeong-gil, general manager “I’m sorry to Jeonju fans… It’s a pity that basketball is behind the scenes”

Sluggish support for new basketball court, baseball field is saddened by the promotion of construction in 2026 “Busan Mayor Park Hyung-joon is active in attracting…

We will respond to Busan fan support” 온라인카지노

On the 30th, professional basketball KCC changed its hometown from Jeonju, Jeonbuk to Busan, ending the ’22-year Jeonju Era’ that had been going on since 2001.

Choi Hyeong-gil

Choi Hyeong-gil, head of KCC, explained the background of the move and expressed his apologies to Jeonju fans at the KBL Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Director Choi said, “The most worrying and heartbreaking part of moving my hometown is, of course, the Jeonju fans who have supported me for 22 years.”

There are many interpretations that KCC decided to part ways with Jeonju, where it had nested for over 20 years, because of Jeonju City’s passive attitude.

In 2016 and 2021, rumors circulated that KCC would relocate its hometown due to outdated facilities such as old gyms.

Jeonju World Cup Stadium

There was a plan to complete a new gym near the Jeonju World Cup Stadium in 2023, but it was not realized.

Director Choi said, “It was noisy for various reasons related to Jeonju,” and said,

“I was patient and restrained to settle things smoothly, but the situation has become more intolerable.”

At the same time, he asked for understanding, saying,

“There are parts that are difficult to disclose due to intertwined interests,

so I am announcing (the fact of relocation) in this way today.”

However, Director Choi said, “It was in April of this year that I sensed a strange atmosphere.”

When I saw that, I felt regretful that ‘basketball has taken a back seat’.”

Jeonju City

It means that Jeonju City, which is promoting the construction of a new baseball stadium with the goal of opening in 2026,

was disappointed in the passive appearance of building a gym.

Director Choi added, “Of course, I reflect on the reality that basketball cannot keep up with the popularity of baseball, and I feel that I need to work harder.”

As for the reason for moving to Busan, he said, “I heard that Mayor Park Hyeong-joon has a lot of interest in basketball and that he is actually good at it.”

2 Professional Basketball Teams

There were two professional basketball teams in Busan, Busan Kia (1997-2001) and Busan kt (2003-2021),

but now they have changed to Ulsan Hyundai Mobis and Suwon KT,

respectively, leaving their new home.

Director Choi said, “Busan said, ‘If KCC comes, I will not regret it,

I will do my best to support it so that I can hear that it has come well.’

Sajik Gymnasium

The new home stadium is Sajik Gymnasium in Busan.

Director Choi said, “We plan to use the Sajik Gymnasium together with BNK,

a women’s professional basketball team, by coordinating schedules.”

Busan BNK

However, Busan BNK said, “We have not yet heard anything (about sharing the home stadium with KCC) from Busan City.”

Regarding Jeonbuk Gunsan, which has been used as a second hometown,

he explained, “We were active in attracting our hometown, and even said that we would give support money,

but if we changed our hometown, we decided that it would be better to go to a big market and attract more spectators.”

Director Choi said, “I ask for your understanding for causing inconvenience to KBL and other clubs.”

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