Police false reports…The prosecution’s investigation headquarters for the Osong disaster is in operation

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Police false reports…The prosecution’s investigation headquarters for the Osong disaster is in operation

Police have formed an investigation headquarters in connection with the Osong underground road disaster.

However, the prosecution’s investigation headquarters was formed after serious negligence such as “false reporting to the police” was found during the inspection of the National Intelligence Service.

There is a possibility that the investigation into the Osong disaster will be centered on the prosecution.

Amid the ongoing inspection of the Cabinet Office, the prosecution has formed an investigation headquarters for the Osong disaster, centered on the Cheongju District Prosecutors’ Office.

The inspection of the National Intelligence Service revealed that the Osong underground car also made a false report as if the police had not been dispatched at the time of the accident.

Earlier, the police set up a new large-scale investigation team headed by the head of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s investigation division to prevent concerns over self-investigation.

However, as criminal charges such as false reports from the Chungbuk National Police Agency were confirmed, it seems difficult for the police to directly investigate.

The National Intelligence Service also asked the prosecution to investigate six police officers involved in false reports, stressing that “false reports were made to the prime minister’s office in the process of identifying the police response.”

Until now, only 10 witnesses, including witnesses and reporters, have been investigated by the police investigation headquarters, and related agencies such as Chungbuk Provincial Government, Cheongju City Hall, and Happiness Office have not been investigated.

Nearly a week has passed since the accident, but there is a high concern about the delayed investigation as even a basic search and seizure has not been conducted.

The prosecution’s investigation headquarters plans to launch a wide-ranging search and seizure soon to determine the cause of the Osong disaster, including police officials requested by the National Investigation Office.


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