Seocho Samsung, growing steadily, differentiates itself with ‘leveled classes’

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“They let you play with friends of similar skill level. It’s something that differentiates us from other schools.”

Seocho Samsung was the last to open a basketball class in Seocho. It only took its first steps in September 2021. Despite the difficulties caused by COVID-19, the number of students has grown to 300.

In a phone interview, Joo Tae-woong, CEO of Seocho Samsung, said, “We established Seocho Samsung in September 2021. 2024 will be our fourth year. There were many basketball academies in Seocho, and we joined late, but we gradually established ourselves. There was also the impact of COVID-19. All the academies were struggling, but we grew steadily. Our enrollment has grown to 300 students,” 카지노 he said.

“We have a lower elementary division, upper elementary division, secondary division, high school division, adult division, and a varsity team. The adult division runs after 8pm. The high school team is varsity only. We focus on 3 on 3 rather than 5 on 5 basketball,” he added.

Seocho Samsung is making rapid progress. It’s also interacting with other Samsung branches.

“We first formed our varsity team in the summer of 2023, and then we played in the secondary school varsity and Little Thunders boats. We met Bundang Samsung and Gangnam Samsung, which are traditional powerhouses. We were the frog in the well. We improved our system and training. We learned from our defeats, and from then on, we played tournaments like the Incheon Mayor’s Cup and Bucheon Mayor’s Cup rather than major tournaments. We gained organization and experience and finished as runners-up. In 2024, she hopes to do even better. We often play friendly matches with Cheongdam Samsung and Gangdong Samsung.”

Joo emphasizes the importance of leveled lessons. He wants to create an environment where kids can enjoy playing basketball.

“In any sport, the difference in level leads to a loss of interest. If they’re interested, they’ll show interest in the national team. Think about leveling basketball. Organize classes by level. Let them play with friends of similar skill level. This is what sets you apart from other schools. Even in the upper elementary grades, you”ll notice a big difference in level. There will also be differences in age. Teachers can organize the curriculum smoothly. Students can focus on their training,” he explains.

Seocho Samsung customizes training for both varsity and recreational teams. They also pay attention to the composition of the coaching staff.

“We emphasize the basics in training. The national team does a lot of fitness and pattern training. You can’t do anything without physical strength. In the hobby group, we focus on having fun. We start with dribbling drills. This is because you need to be able to possess the ball. They teach you how to receive and send passes correctly. Then, we emphasize the steps. We teach in detail,” he says.

“We don’t hire our coaching staff part-time. They are all Little Thunders employees. So there is a strong sense of mission and responsibility. We have coaches who are elite athletes and coaches who are qualified as sports coaches. We try to connect with our students. I’m in my 40s, and I’ve brought in coaches in their 30s and 20s. We utilize a lot of former Samsung Youth players as coaches. They have experience with the Little Thunders, so they teach better.”

Seocho Samsung’s biggest strength is its facilities. “The facilities are clean,” says Joo Tae-woong. It’s the latest facility. It’s 150 square meters. There are two courts and six goals. The floor is 6.5 meters high. It’s very high in Seocho. Parents enroll in the school after checking out the facilities. There is a lot of graffiti on the basketball court. It feels like an American basketball court,” he said.

Finally, “Seocho Samsung is in its fourth year. More than half of the students have been taking classes for more than three years. They are satisfied with the classes. We will continue to create an environment where students, parents, and the school can all be satisfied.” He concluded the interview by saying, “We will continue to work hard to create an environment where everyone is satisfied.

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