Suwon’s first year with four freshmen, “I’m full of fight”

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New freshmen add energy to the team.

Most middle and high school basketball teams start winter training in January. They participate in stoblebigs in different regions or organize their own workouts. They focus on ‘improving their game’ or ‘increasing their physical strength’.

The same goes for the Suwon First Middle School basketball team. However, they are still preparing for winter training. After preparing their bodies for winter training, 바카라사이트 they plan to improve their game.

Coach Lee Eun-young said, “We finished our winter training well. In January, we participated in the Sangsang and Samcheonpo Stove League,” he said, looking back on January.

“Right now, the freshmen who just came in are playing together. I want them to be confident. If they are confident based on practice, they will feel less pressure in the game. I’m emphasizing confidence and encouraging them a lot,” he added.

When asked about the team colors, Lee said, “Last year, we played a slow, ground-and-pound style of basketball. But this year, I’m not very tall. So we will play fast break basketball. We are doing a lot of physical training for fast basketball. So far, it’s working out well.”

Suwon Jeiljoong will start the season with eight players after accepting four freshmen. “We have two juniors and two sophomores. We need our existing players to lead the way. They have been doing a good job so far. I hope they continue to do well. The freshmen add energy to the team. I think the team is more fierce,” he said of the changed atmosphere.

“I hope this atmosphere will continue,” he added, “and we will all work hard to make it happen.

Suwon‘s goal this season was to reach the top four. “Last year, we reached the quarterfinals twice. This year, the first goal is to reach the top four again. The variable is health. If everyone is healthy and finishes the season well, good results will follow,” he said.

“We need to improve our defense to do well. The freshmen are in the process of adjusting. Elementary school defense is very different from middle school defense. They have to adapt quickly. That’s our biggest challenge,” he said, emphasizing defense.

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