Tennis Nadal is eliminated in the quarterfinals after returning from injury after a year

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Rafael Nadal (672nd, Spain) was eliminated in the quarterfinals in his return from injury after a year.Nadal lost 1-2 (7-5) to Jordan Thompson (55th place, Australia) in the third round (quarterfinals) of the men’s professional tennis (ATP) tour Brisbane International (total prize money: $661,585) held in Brisbane, Australia on the 5th. They lost 6-7<6-8> 3-6).This tournament is Nadal’s comeback stage about a year after being eliminated in the second round of the Australian Open in January last year.

He did not participate in actual combat for a year and focused on treating back and hip injuries. Nadal defeated Dominic Thiem (98th, Austria) in the first round of this tournament and Jason Kubler (102nd, Australia) in the second round to reach the quarterfinals, but did not reach the semifinals.Nadal, who returned to the court, is expected to not participate in the Adelaide International tournament, which opens on the 8th, and will immediately challenge the Australian Open.Nadal will participate in the Australian Open after being recognized as 9th thanks to the ‘protected ranking’ system, which allows players whose rankings have been lowered due to injuries that prevent them from participating in the tournament.Nadal is expected to raise his 스포츠토토존 singles world ranking to around 451st next week.

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