Who is the successor to the ‘8 Ballon’ Messi?…The odds of winning the 2024 Ballon d’Or are revealed!

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Soccer media ‘Score 90’ revealed the probability of winning the 2024 Ballon d’Or on SNS on the 28th (Korea time).

The highest probability was recorded by Jude Bellingham with 31 percent. Bellingham has performed remarkably well this season. Bellingham, a “newcomer” who joined Real Madrid this summer, is becoming a savior of his team by displaying tremendous performance even at a young age, even though he was born in 2003. Having scored goals in the first round of the league, Bellingham had two, one assist in the second round, one assist in the third round, and one goal in the fourth round, showing overwhelming performance from the beginning of the season.

His performance continued after the break from the “A” match in September. Having scored one goal in a match against Union Berlin in the UEFA Champions League, Bellingham had one goal and one assist against Girona in the eighth round, one assist against Napoli in the UCL, two goals against Osasuna in the ninth round, and one goal against Braga in the UCL in nine league matches, eight goals and two assists in three UCL matches, three goals and one assist.

He also presented his team with a multi-goal victory at El Clasico in October. Bellingham hit the ball in front of the penalty arc in the 23rd minute of the second half with a cool mid-range shot, and scored his 10th goal in the league by precisely pushing the deflected ball into the net in the extra time of the second half. Twenty goals and seven assists in 28 official games so far. Bellingham is in a truly overwhelming season.

Following Bellingham, the second and third places were “World Class” strikers Kylian Mbappe and Harry Kane. Mbappe and Kane were ranked second and third, with 27% and 14%, respectively. Mbappe, who is highly likely to move to Real next season, has displayed overwhelming performance with 32 goals and seven assists in 30 matches so far. Kane, whose “big club” Bayern Munich entered through this summer’s transfer window, is also top scorer in 30 matches with 31 goals and eight assists in the Bundesliga.

Meanwhile, Erling Holland and Lionel Messi came in fourth and fifth. Holland and Messi, who ranked fourth and fifth with 13 percent and 8 percent chance respectively, are also showing overwhelming performance in the Premier League and Major League Soccer (MLS), respectively, this season. They were followed by Rodri, Kevin De Bruyne (over 7 percent), Vinicius Junior, Mohamed Salah (over 3 percent), and Christainu Ronaldo (over 2 percent).
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