YGG Master Program with Yggdrasil Hungrybear Partnership

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Yggdrasil, a leading iGaming publisher, has announced the latest addition to its YGG Masters program: the innovative game studio Hungrybear. This partnership is set to enhance Yggdrasil’s portfolio by bringing Hungrybear’s creative capabilities into the fold, particularly with the development of a new real-money version of the popular multiplayer slot game, Slot Masters.

Hungrybear, based in the U.K. and Canada, has gained recognition for its innovative game design and development. Known for its free-to-play tournament mechanic, Hungrybear has significantly contributed to customer loyalty and engagement for various operators. Slot Masters, one of their flagship products, allows players to compete in two-minute matches against two other users, using a variety of attack and defensive strategies to win points and, ultimately, free spins.

The transition of Slot Masters to a real-money gaming platform will see free spin prizes replaced with progressive cash wins, marking a significant milestone for both Hungrybear and Yggdrasil. This new version is set to debut in July, accompanied by a free-to-play iteration to help promote the game.

Yggdrasil’s YGG Masters program has been a cornerstone in fostering creativity and innovation within the gaming industry. It empowers independent game studios by providing them with the necessary technology and network to design and distribute high-quality titles. Over the years, the program has produced some of Yggdrasil’s best-performing games, with partners leveraging Yggdrasil’s popular Game Engagement Mechanics (GEMs) to enhance gameplay.

“A Real Coup”

Jose Simon, Commercial Director at Yggdrasil, expressed his enthusiasm for the new partnership: “Having Hungrybear join the YGG Masters program is a real coup for us. Not only do they bring a new vision and style to our Slots Portfolio with their first game in our roadmap, but its Slot Masters product is a game changer in the space. We are honoured to be the chosen partner to take it to the next level by introducing a real-money gaming version.

Simon also highlighted the benefits for their operator network, stating, “This collaboration will be hugely beneficial for our operator network as we will deliver true innovation with Hungrybear’s games and their multiplayer content that offers choice and gamification elements. We can’t wait to introduce a new level of gaming experience to players around the globe.”

Justin Chamberlain, Founder and CEO at Hungrybear, also shared his excitement: “Our product portfolio has huge potential, and we are only just getting started! This partnership with Yggdrasil is a catalyst for future growth, and its vast and established network of operators will ensure the widest reach as we continue to evolve Slot Masters and bring it into the real-money space.”

New Game Launched in Partnership with AceRun

In addition to the Hungrybear announcement, Yggdrasil recently unveiled another exciting game, 50 Jokers Hotfire, in collaboration with YGG Masters partner AceRun. This game offers classic slot gameplay with modern twists, featuring a low-volatile fruit-based theme and a variety of engaging features powered by Yggdrasil’s GATI technology.

50 Jokers Hotfire includes classic symbols like fruits, sevens, and bars, with a dancing Joker overseeing the 3×3 reel set. With 50 paylines and a maximum multiplier of 200x, the game combines familiar elements with new opportunities for players to engage and win.

Both the Hungrybear partnership and the release of 50 Jokers Hotfire underscore Yggdrasil’s commitment to expanding and enhancing its gaming portfolio, ensuring a diverse and innovative experience for players worldwide.

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