‘5G 15 hits, 0.682 batting average’ Park Kyung-soo’s successor finally appears

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Chun Sung-ho “Kim Jun-tae helped a lot”

The former prospect turned starting second baseman for the KT Wiz had his first career five-hit game.

Cheon Sung-ho started at second base and batted second in the KT Wiz’s home game against the Doosan Bears of the 2024 Shinhan Bank KBO League at KT Wiz Park in Suwon, South Korea, on April 28.

On the day, Cheon had a dominant performance with six hits, five RBIs, and two runs scored. The five hits were the most in a single game in his career. His previous high was three hits.

Chun has been a monster in the opening five games, pounding out 15 hits. Multiple hits in every game is the norm. After starting the season with four hits, two RBIs, and one run scored on the 23rd, he followed that up with three hits on the 24th, three hits on the 36th, two hits on the 27th, and today (28th) with five hits. His season batting average is now 0.682, a far cry from second-place Park Chan-ho (0.538).

His five hits came from a variety of pitches. After hitting a 146-kilometer fastball in his first at-bat for a single to left field, Chun Sung-ho followed with two more hits, both on fastballs. Then, when the Doosan batting order decided to go with a changeup, he hit a 129-kilometer slider from left-hander Kim Ho-joon for an infield single. In the final at-bat, Park Byung-ho hit a 126-kilometer changeup from Park Chi-guk for the game-winning hit.

After the game, Chun said, “I’ve been swinging with more and more confidence as the lucky balls keep coming one after another. Today, that confidence paid off in my last at-bat. I think I will have to practice to produce more good pitches in the future.”

After batting No. 8 in the first three games, Chun Sung-ho moved to No. 2 in the last two games. “I don’t care about the batting order. I think it’s the same every at-bat, and I’m taking my swings at a fast tempo with the feeling that I’m giving myself a chance,” he said.

He also gave a shout-out to his hitting coach, Yu Ji-jun. “He told me to swing confidently at the pitches I’m aiming for because I’m doing well, and that 안전놀이터 really helped me,” Chun said.

Kim Jun-tae is the secret behind his top batting average this season. “I’ve been eating with him since the opening game, and he’s been doing well, so I’ve been asking him to go to the restaurant with me every time. He’s always willing to wait for me and gives me lots of advice at the restaurant. “I think I should reward him with more delicious food instead of coffee.

I think I should repay him with more delicious food instead of coffee.”

“Rather than personal goals, I want to become a player who can help the team consistently by reducing ups and downs. I will do my best to repay the faith of the coaching staff who trust me and the seniors I play with,” he concluded.


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