Arsenal’s excessive passion may have contributed to their concern

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Arsenal’s excessive passion may have contributed to their concern about their striker’s injury

After playing the League Cup against Brentford on the 28th, Arsenal’s will play an away game against AFC Bournemouth in the 7th round of the 2023-24 English Premier League on the 30th. We want to continue the good atmosphere in the league, but Saka’s injury appears to be causing many concerns.

At the Emirates Stadium in London on November 25, Saka scored in the sixth round and the first North London derby of the year against Tottenham Hotspur. He was struck by Christian Romero, who then demonstrated his ability to deflect and fire. He then participated in a penalty kick game, scored a goal, and celebrated by performing an arrow shooting ceremony.

However, he was replaced by Emile Smith Rowe due to an injury just before the end. He limped and complained of considerable pain. Son Heung-min scored two goals to tie the game 2-2, so Saka’s performance was relatively less prominent.

First of all, Arsenal is in an emergency situation. Saka is credited with helping Arsenal remain undefeated with 3 goals and 2 assists in 6 league games. However, the situation appears to be difficult enough to make training difficult. Manager Mikel Arteta explained, “Saka limped badly against Tottenham, so he was replaced and he was not able to train after that. It’s not a good feeling.”

Arsenal’s centre striker is seen to be weak. It is not uncommon to have high expectations for side striker Saka’s decision-making skills. Saka’s departure is a deadly blow, especially with Leandro Trossard and Gabriel Martinelli on the disabled list. The basic question is whether Eddie Nketiah and Gabriel Jesus can coexist successfully.

In midfield, Declan Rice, Thomas Teye Fati and defender Julian Timber are missing. Arsenal’s back is not bad, but the weakening of the attack power in the front line is likely to cause a malfunction in the football that Manager Arteta pursues.

Since May 9, 2021, Saka has participated in 86 straight Premier League games. This is Arsenal’s highest score ever. However, it was obvious that the heated North London derby had left its mark.

The UEFA Champions League (UCL) is expected to be impacted by the number of injuries. The beginning is not awful, 먹튀검증 but Manager Arteta’s judgement is required because the axis of assault has failed.

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