The situation is getting worse for Jadon Sancho

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When I asked Ten Haag about Sancho, he became cold… “I don’t talk about players like that.”

It’s my first victory after a long time. Manchester United has lost the last three games in a row. It was also the first time since December 1978 that he recorded 3 or more goals in 3 consecutive games.

On this day, they achieved a complete victory with goals from Alejandro Garnacho and Anthony Martial. The spark of a rebound was revived in the worst team atmosphere.

After the game, Manchester United manager Eric ten Haag was asked questions about Sancho. Coach Ten Haag was cold. “I don’t talk about players who are not part of our team strength,” he said.

Sancho also gave a short answer to the question of whether he has a future at Manchester United. “I don’t know. That depends entirely on Sancho,” he said.

He continued, “Manchester United has a lot of young players. Everyone knows they are improving. If they want to join me, they need to prove they are fit to play.”

Currently, Sancho has completely disappeared from Manchester United’s first team. An order was given not to allow Sancho into any of the first team facilities, including the training ground and cafeteria.

This is the aftermath of protesting against coach Ten Haag. Regarding not using Sancho in the match against Arsenal on the 4th, coach Ten Haag said, “He did not put enough effort in training. All players decide whether to play or not based on their training performance.”

Sancho retorted. He posted a message on social media and said that what director Ten Haag said was not true. He emphasized that his performance during training was good.

Coach Ten Haag came out strong. Sancho was completely excluded from the first team list.

Sancho deleted the social media post, but the situation did not change. Manchester United players went to Sancho and persuaded him to apologize. Sancho did not respond.

Coach Ten Haag also has no intention of ignoring this situation. In order to restore order in the locker room, Sancho must bow his head.

Manchester United officials are scheduled to meet soon to discuss Sancho’s future and resolve the situation. So far, 바카라사이트 the only way to calm things down is for Sancho to apologize to coach Ten Haag.

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