Chelsea owner limits age, results are worst

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Chelsea owner restricts recruitment to individuals over 25, citing negative results as a result

There is no end to Chelsea decline. They finished 12th in the Premier League last season and were unable to participate in any European competition.

This season has fallen further into the abyss. There are currently 5 points after 6 Premier League games. They fell to 14th place with 1 win, 2 draws, and 3 losses.

Todd Boely, who took over as the club’s owner in May of last year, has controlled every transfer market at Chelsea, where Chelsea is Chelsea. Boeli spent 600 million pounds (or roughly 995 billion won) on player acquisition throughout the first two transfer windows.

Moises Caicedo was acquired last summer for the highest transfer cost in Premier League annals. It cost 115 million pounds (or 189 billion won) all by itself.

But the performance is a mess. British media ‘Telegraph’ analyzed the reason.

According to The Telegraph, club owner Boeli’s recruitment was problematic because of his age limit. “Chelsea desired assets that would be part of the team for the following ten years. In the end, they made it a rule that they would only hire athletes who were younger than 25 last summer. The outcome was that we finished 14th in the Premier League,” he said.

In last summer’s transfer market, James Madison and James Ward-Prose, who had high skills compared to the transfer fee, were not even looked at. The transfer fees recorded for Madison going to Tottenham, and Ward-Pros going to Tottenham and West Ham United were 40 million pounds (about 66 billion won) and 20 million pounds (about 33 billion won), respectively. The two players continued their strong performance this season and became indispensable players for their teams.

Instead, Chelsea invested £115 million in Caicedo, a 21-year-old. They paid a transfer fee for Cole Palmer, 21, that was greater than Madison’s. Romeo Labia, 19, was given a 53 million pound (87 billion won) investment.

The athletes who were hired have a wealth of talent. There aren’t enough veterans, though, to make this work. According to The Telegraph, 22-year-old Nicolas Jackson was issued five cautions in six Premier League contests. It amply demonstrates how inexperienced and young the Chelsea players are.

Also, he signed a contract at a price that was too high compared to his skills. Manchester United legend Gary Neville also helped. “Chelsea are crazy in the transfer market. It’s a disaster. 카지노사이트킴 How many players have they brought in in the last year?” “I signed a contract, but I don’t know if it’s worth that much money.”

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