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Cycle speedway is a sport with deep origins in British cycling history and is characterized by passion, speed, and pure guts. It is a fast-paced dirt track sprint event, with a thriving domestic and international scene in the UK. Riders compete in many rounds, racing four circuits around the 70-meter track, to score points for their teams and individually.

Towards the end of World War Two, cycle speedways were established on former bomb sites. Beginning in London, the sport gradually spread to the Midlands and then further north by the 1950s. Since then, several clubs have regrettably vanished, but now 스포츠토토 there are 38 clubs still operating from Exeter in the south to as far north as Edinburgh.

In addition to featuring some of Europe’s best athletes in the elite league meets, the sport offers a very welcoming, family-friendly atmosphere. Speedway is a sport that is almost entirely managed by clubs; these organizations construct and maintain their own grounds.

British Cycling, the organization that oversees all cycle sports in the UK, is in charge of managing and administering the sport. All bike speedway athletes and officials must be members of British Cycling in order to be protected by their extensive insurance programs. The Hethersett Hawks Bike Speedway Club is recognized by Clubmark.

Three alternative racing formats—individual, pair, and team of four—are used in cycle speedway. Four riders at most can compete in each race because to the short tracks. Riders must complete four laps of the track for each race. The winner of the race is the cyclist who arrives at the finish line first.

Cycle speedway bicycles are single-speed machines without brakes, with only one gear in each of the front and rear gears. The used bicycles are compact and look like a cross between road and mountain bikes. Riders are outfitted with a complete body suit, padding for their knees, elbows, and hips, and helmets. Most races take place outside on dirt tracks.

Wearing a helmet is obviously needed, and riders are expected to cover oneself from the neck down to safeguard against falls. In the higher classes, contact is likely, so many riders also wear knee, elbow, and hip pads as added protection.

Physical contact is acceptable and frequently required to compete at the highest level. Cyclists need to be able to sprint well, as well as have the stamina to compete over the course of an entire race and the strength to make contact with other riders. Starting, passing, retaining your place, and tactical awareness are necessary skills.

In general, cycle speedway is a team sport, with teams of eight riders competing in each race, two from each side, across 18 heats. With an elite league, four 바카라사이트 regional leagues, and several local leagues following, racing is organized in a pyramidal form. Seniors, intermediates, and younger cyclists can compete in this.

One of the simplest types of cycling sport to start into is cycle speedway. Newcomers are always welcome to cycle speedway clubs, and many of them offer bikes that can be rented out to them as well as coaches prepared to teach them the fundamentals.

The UK is where the majority of cycling speedway competitions take place. There are also international and European championships in the sport.

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