G-Doosan’s first meeting in the second half of ‘Jamsil rivals’ that cannot be backed down

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1st place LG (50 wins, 2 draws, 33 losses) and 3rd place Doosan (44 wins, 1 draw, 38 losses) will play three consecutive weekend matches at Jamsil Stadium from the 28th. Rival encounters are always fierce, but the first confrontation in the second half of this season is expected to be even more intense. After leading the first half, LG recently faced its first crisis of the season as it fell into a pit of 5 consecutive losses. During the losing streak, anxiety increased as the starting team’s weaknesses were exposed intact.

LG, who had been chased by 0.5 game by 0.5 game in second place SSG Landers, escaped the losing streak by winning 9-6 against KT Wiz on the 27th, and took a breather with the first 50 wins (2 draws and 33 losses) of the season. The gap with SSG also widened to 1.5 games. However, it is still too early to be relieved in that LG, which has never been outside of third place in monthly odds, dropped to a tie for seventh in July (4 wins, 7 losses, odds ratio 0.364). In addition, in this weekend’s three-game series, they have to face Doosan, the team with the highest win rate in July (11 wins, 2 losses, 0.856 win rate).

Even for Doosan, which has successfully rebounded, the LG match has a special meaning. Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop, who finished the first half with 9 consecutive wins, cited his first 9 consecutive games against KIA Tigers, against Lotte Giants and against LG ahead of the start of the second half as points. Coach Lee emphasized, “The first nine games in the second half are important. It depends on whether we return to the beginning of the season or continue the upward trend at the end of the first half.

While the KIA game on the 22nd and 23rd was postponed due to rain, Doosan scored 2 wins and 2 losses in the first 4 games of the second half. 토토사이트 After the 11-game winning streak has stopped, they will meet the “strong enemy” LG in a situation where they have recently fallen into two consecutive losses. Doosan is showing 2 wins and 5 losses against LG this year. Coach Lee also pointed out that “we need to narrow the gap in the opponent’s record.” The team that gains the upper hand in this three-game series, where a big match was made, will receive more strength in the ranking fight.

If LG continues its advantage over Doosan, it can maintain its lead and widen the gap with its pursuers. If Doosan succeeds in counterattacking, it can break the ‘second round’ system. The two teams, who are determined to win, make the first start from the first day of the three-game series. LG set up Casey Kelly, and Doosan set up Raul Alcantara on the starting mound. Kelly, who has been wearing the LG uniform since 2019, showed ups and downs with an average ERA of 4.65 this year with 6 wins and 6 losses, but against Doosan, 1 win and 1 loss with an average ERA of 2.77.

Alcantara is 10-3 with an average ERA of 2.00, and is tied for 3rd place in most wins and 2nd place in average ERA. This season, he took the mound against LG once and took the loss with 7 runs and 1 earned run in 4 innings.

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