He should have been next to Klopp! Coutinho blows up after Barca move

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Philippe Coutinho continues to go downhill. Aston Villa have no intention of keeping him around.

“Villa are seriously considering whether to terminate Coutinho’s contract as they look to ease their spending in preparation for the UEFA Champions League (UCL),” the UK’s Give Me Sports reported on Thursday.

Coutinho is a Brazilian attacking midfielder. He plays mainly in the center and can also play on the flanks. He”s very personal and resilient, using his speed to escape from opponents” pressure. He also has an accurate kick. He is known for his curling shots from the left penalty box corner to the opposite post. It was comparable to Arjen Robben, who was known for his ‘macro’ shots.

At Liverpool, he flourished under Jürgen Klopp’s tutelage. Klopp’s tactics required a player who could link up the offense quickly. Coutinho stepped into that role and began his Liverpool glory days. He made quick decisions on the counter-attack, and his creative passing on the ground allowed him to break down tight defenses.

But when Barcelona came calling, he didn’t look back. Fans were furious that a key player who had shown so much affection for the team had a 180-degree turnaround in attitude. Coutinho eventually joined Barcelona for a reported €135 million.

It seemed like the beginning of his prime, but it turned out to be the “worst number” of his career. He didn’t fit in at Barcelona and was sent on loan to Bayern Munich. There, he didn’t do much either. Even after returning to 먹튀검증 Barcelona, he couldn’t find a place at the club and left on a six-month loan to Premier League (PL) side Villa.

In just six short months, Coutinho made a huge impact. Villarreal were so pleased with his performance that they made him a permanent signing ahead of the 2022-23 season. However, Coutinho’s form soon faded and this season he was loaned out to Al Duhail in Qatar.

Villa are keen to get rid of him. They want to get rid of his high weekly 토토사이트 순위 wages and bring in a new player to help them compete in the Champions League next season. He has two years left on his contract, but Villa are aiming to end it early by mutual consent.

If his contract is terminated, his next destination is expected to be Brazil. “Coutinho is aiming to rejoin Vasco da Gama in the event of a mutual termination of the contract,” the outlet said. Coutinho spent his youth career with the club.


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