Jung Min-tae to become Samsung’s first-team pitching coach

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Jung Min-tae to become Samsung’s first-team pitching coach…joining Lee Jin-young, Jung Dae-hyun, and Kang Young-sik

“First team pitching coach Jung Min-tae, hitting coach Lee Jin-young, and first team general manager Jung Yeon-chang have joined the team, as well as Futures manager Jung Dae-hyun, pitching coach Kang Young-sik, and Futures general manager Kim Ji-hoon,” Samsung announced on Wednesday.

Assisting Park will be SPOTV commentator Min-tae Jung as the first team pitching coach.

Jung began his professional career with the Pacific in 1992 and was a leading starting pitcher in the KBO, winning the league championship three times (1999 2000 2003). He is known for his ability to step up in big games, including the 2000 Playoffs MVP and the 1998-2003 Korean Series MVP. He is a ‘big game pitcher’ with a career record of 10 wins in the postseason.

Lee Jin-young, the “National Right Fielder,” was appointed as the hitting coach. Lee has 20 professional seasons under his belt, with 2125 hits and a career batting average of .325.

There are also changes to the Futures coaching staff. Dae-hyun Chung, formerly a player-coach at Dong-A University, has been named head coach of the Futures. 바카라사이트 Jung is a former star player who wore the Korean flag in international competitions, including the 2000 Sydney Olympics and 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Coach Kang Young-sik joins the Futures pitching staff

Kang spent 18 years playing for professional teams including Samsung, and after his retirement, he coached at Lotte.

New coaches have also been added to the training staff. For the first team, General Training Coach Jeong Yeon-chang, formerly the head trainer of the NC Dinos, has joined, and for the Future, General Training Coach Kim Ji-hoon, who served as a trainer at the 2023 Asian Games, has joined.

With the addition of three other trainers (Yeom Sang-cheol for the first team, Heo Jun-hwan for the Futures, and Kim Yong-hae for rehabilitation), the team wanted to focus on strengthening both the technical and training sections.

“Along with an experienced first-team pitching coach, we brought in a young leader with strengths in pitcher development as the Futures manager. This will help us build a strong team that can consistently challenge for the postseason.” “We needed to strengthen our training staff to fundamentally improve our rookie pitchers’ delivery and hitters’ power, and we have taken the first step. In the future, we will try to achieve both immediate effects in the first team, such as managing player injuries, and fostering the future.”

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