Lotte’s Na Gyun-ahn sent to second team for ‘drinking controversy’…club initiates self-discipline

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Right-handed pitcher Na Gyun-ahn, 26, of the Lotte Giants, who attended a drinking party until the morning of his start and ruined his game, will face disciplinary action from the club.

Lotte expunged Na, pitcher Hyun Do-hoon and outfielder Lee Sun-woo from the first team ahead of their game against the Kia Tigers at Sajik Stadium in Busan on Saturday.

Na Gyun-ahn started against the Kia Tigers in Busan on Feb. 25, allowing eight runs on seven hits (one home run) with six walks and two strikeouts in 1⅔ innings.

The offense exploded to turn a 1-14 deficit into a 15-15 victory and avoid a loss, but his season performance makes it difficult to keep him as a starter.

His season record is 2-7 with a 9.05 ERA in 14 games.

His removal from the first team was more of a disciplinary action for off-field issues than for poor performance.

The night before his first start of the season, he attended a drinking party.

A baseball fan recognized his face, took a photo of him, and posted it on the internet community at 1 a.m. on the 25th, the day of the game.

It is unclear if Nae Kun-ahn had been drinking, but he remained sober until the day of his start.

Initially, Kim Tae-hyung had planned to send Na Gyun-an straight to the second team, but he was forced to take the mound due to a rule that prohibits game-day substitutions of starting pitchers for non-injury reasons.

Before the game on the 25th, Kim wondered, “What if he pitches well?” But as it turned out, he was wrong.

Nae Gyun-ahn pitched poorly and gave up a lot of runs. He set new records for fewest innings pitched and most runs allowed in his debut.

Instead of taking him aside after the game on the 25th to reprimand him, Kim decided to let the club take action.

This meant that Na had completely fallen out of favor with Kim, who is relatively lenient when it comes to his players’ personal lives, as he believes that “you just have to show your performance on the field.

Lotte decided to discipline him as a wake-up call to the team.

The club will soon hold its own disciplinary committee to determine the severity of the punishment.

Meanwhile, Lotte has added outfielder Jeon Jun-woo and pitchers Lee Min-seok and Jung Woo-joon to its first team. 메이저 토토사이트

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