The only Jecheon Ointment team ‘Spears’ “3×3 is not easy”

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“This tournament gave me good experience in 3×3. I will always love basketball. I will work hard to improve my skills.”

Jecheon’s basketball legend Spears 온라인카지노 competed in the men’s open division of the ‘KBA 3×3 Korea Tour IN Jecheon’ held on the 9th at the special court in front of the gymnasium of Jecheon Sports Complex.

The Spears are a representative and prestigious team of Jecheon basketball with a history of more than 20 years. The Spears, who are also the only team from the Jecheon club basketball team in the tournament, are enjoying the two-day 3×3 basketball festival on their home court, led by their eldest brother Yang Sang-hee (39) and featuring Park Jin-seop (29), Uhm Jun-yong (29), and Hwang Gun-ha (27).

However, their performance in the tournament was somewhat disappointing. They lost two games due to their inability to adapt to 3×3. “It’s been a long time since I played in a 3×3 tournament a couple of years ago. The offense is fast and it’s hard to adapt to the rules. I don’t think it’s easy (laughs),” he said.

Uhm Jun-yong also said, “It’s my first time playing 3×3. The offensive and defensive transitions are very fast and seamless. It has a chewy and exciting appeal. I learned a lot.”

There’s a lot to learn from watching the big names in the league. Park Jin-seop said, “When I watched the Open Division and League Division teams play against us, I felt that they were amazing. Each team has a distinct color and is well organized. We learned a lot from them.”

The meaningful Korea Tour 3×3 tournament was held in Jecheon, a basketball barren city that has never hosted a large-scale 3×3 tournament before, thanks to the efforts of Jecheon City and the Jecheon City Basketball Association, which have been preparing to host the Korea Tour. The city of Jecheon made efforts to host the I-FESTA and Korea Tour to revitalize sports basketball and develop basketball in Jecheon, and overcame various adverse conditions such as Corona 19 to make its first connection with the Korea Tour this year.

“Although we were eliminated in the preliminary round with two losses, I am grateful to the organizers for holding the best 3×3 tournament in Korea in Jecheon. If the Korea Tour is held in Jecheon again next year, I will prepare harder and compete,” he said, looking forward to next year’s tournament.

When asked what Jecheon is proud of, he gave an unexpected answer. They mentioned ‘OBJ Basketball Class’ and said, “OBJ Basketball Class is a specialty of Jecheon. It is the only place where you can learn basketball systematically and easily in Jecheon, which is close to a basketball barren area. It is also an attraction in Jecheon.”

Despite their lack of skill, their love for basketball was as strong as any other team. Finally, Park Jin-seob and Uhm Jun-yong said, “We gained a lot of experience in 3×3 through this tournament. We will continue to love basketball. We will continue to work hard to improve our skills.”

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