Ulsan-Jeonju Qualifier for the 2023 Gatorade 5vs5 Women’s World Cup to Kick Off on April 28th

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The Ulsan-Jeonju qualifiers for the 2023 Gatorade 5vs5 Women’s Championship kick off today, Nov. 28, at HM Futsal Park Ulsan Buk-gu and Jeonju.

Organized by sports marketing company HNS 카지노사이트 and presented by Gatorade, the Ulsan-Jeonju event is the final regional qualifier of the year, with the top finishers from each regional qualifier qualifying for the national championship on November 4. With six previous regional qualifiers determining the 24-team field for the championship, the Ulsan-Jeonju event will determine the final eight tickets (the top four finishers from each event).

One team to watch in Jeonju is last year’s winner, Class A Futsal Club. “Last year, we played better than expected and won easily,” says Ahn Kwang-soo, head coach of Class A Futsal Club, “but this year, the team has changed a lot. We are currently in a rebuilding situation.” After introducing the team’s current status, he said, “I hope that the players will have fun playing and gaining experience and love futsal more than good results.”

Tikitaka FS is one of the favorites in the Ulsan Regional Qualifiers. The Daegu-based team was officially founded in May last year, and within a month, they were runners-up in the Daegu Metropolitan Mayor’s Cup and won the Milyang Arirang Cup in May this year. Chairman Bang Woori said, “Although the team has a short history, we are proud to be the top team in Daegu. This is our first time competing in the Gatorade tournament, but we will aim to win.”

The 2023 Gatorade 5vs5 Women’s Tournament is open to all unregistered players of the Korean Football Association. To register, visit the HM Futsal Park website.

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