Its the New Season is Also the Kim Min-sun Era First Sortie Today

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Kim Min-seon, who has emerged as the leading star of Korean ice skating following Lee Sang-hwa

will begin a powerful run in the new season at the Speed ​​Skating World Cup starting today (10th).

Kim Min-seon, who opened his era by winning gold medals and overall victory in five consecutive World Cup 500m competitions last season 지울프-토토

even held a fan meeting for the first time after the season.

[Kim Min-seon/National Speed ​​Skating Team: ‘I’m having a fan meeting?

It didn’t really feel like it, and it was very new to meet people who had been supporting me for so long in a place other than the stadium.

I feel proud every time I see the overall championship trophy that is as big as my upper body, but

[Kim Min-seon/National Speed ​​Skating Team Member: ‘Oh, is that really mine? I thought, ‘Oh, I have to get it again’… .]

Instead of being overconfident, we prepared for the new season with the mindset of starting over again.

[Kim Min-seon/National speed skating team: I know that other athletes have prepared just as hard as me, and it seems too arrogant to say, ‘Of course I can get first place,’ and it seems like they are just thinking, ‘I want to get first place again.’ I think so.]

I am determined to never repeat the disappointment of last season, where I missed out on a medal at the most important World Championships due to poor stamina, even though I had a blast at the World Cup.

[Kim Min-sun/National Speed ​​Skating Team: (After finishing 4th at the last World Championships) I think I was actually more angry than upset. I don’t want to feel that way again, and I have to win… .]

Kim Min-seon, who focused on strengthening her weak start during the off-season, starts a strong sprint in the 500m in the first World Cup competition.

[Kim Min-seon/Speed ​​Skating National Team: I have prepared hard this season, so I hope you will watch and support me. Thank you.]

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