Murad “I want to rest” after scoring 52 points in longest battle

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Pakistan specialist Murad Khan, 24, has been flying high. He scored 52 points, his most in a single V-League game this season. “I want to rest,” he said after the thrilling win in the longest game of the season.

Korean Air won the fourth round of the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League Men’s Division 3-2 (19-25, 25-22, 25-21, 40-42, 15-11) at Yoo Yoo Soon Gymnasium in Cheonan 바카라사이트 on Wednesday.

Murad, who came off the bench early in the first set, finished with a game-high 52 points, including two blocks and two service points. It is the highest point total in a single game in the V-League this season. The previous high was 58 points by Samsung Fire’s Gavin Schmidt against LIG Insurance on February 2, 2012.

Korean Air brought in Murad as a temporary replacement for Lincoln Williams (AUS), who suffered a back injury, but he never made a start as domestic apogee spiker Lim Dong-hyuk stepped up. He was mostly paired with Yoo Kwang-woo and double-switched or brought in for height. His previous best was 28 points against OK Financial Group on Dec. 29 last year.

After the game, Murad said, “I’m happy to win. It’s the first time I’ve scored more than 50 points,” he said, adding, “I tried to follow the team’s style today, and I think it worked out well.” Korean Air setter Han actively tossed to Murad, who was in good form. “There were some balls that were hard to hit because the reception was shaky, but the moment I came up, I knew I had to score,” Murad said.

In the meantime, Murad used her height of 2.5 meters to her advantage and hit hard. However, she was unable to fully integrate into Korean Air’s tactics of playing fast volleyball. However, she found her groove towards the end of the match. Head coach Tommi Tilikainen said of Murad’s performance, “Attack is attack, but I’m happy with the different plays she made for the team.”

“I scored because Han kept giving me the ball. I tried to change the atmosphere, and I wanted to score somehow, even if the ball was hard to hit.” Murad, who also scored his first serve in his V-League debut, said, “I think my tosses will get better, and if I hit the ball harder, I’ll get more.”

Coach Tilikainen said, “52 points? Amazing. “Actually, the offense is the offense, but there were other things that happened in the game. “It’s not really offense, but I liked the other things that happened in the game, like defense and things like that. We scored a lot of goals, but our efficiency was really good.”

Coach Tilikainen added: “Hyundai played very well in the first set. Their offense was good, their serve was good. Murad came in and showed great offense. And you could see the energy of the players on the court.” “I think the fans liked it, we lost that set, but we’re in the entertainment business,” he said with a chuckle when discussing the fourth set, adding, “They played well enough in the fifth set.”

The game started at 7pm and ended at 10:05pm. The pure game time was 171 minutes. It set a record for the longest time in the history of the regular season. In particular, the fourth set went as far as 42-40 (Hyundai Capital won), leaving him as the second highest scorer in a single set. “I made a few mistakes,” Murad said. My play was up and down. I was disappointed.” Despite the joy of victory, there was a sense of fatigue. “I’m a little tired. I want to go home and rest,” he smiled.

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